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◆ Virtual assistant (China):
We are looking for a full-time virtual assistant who speaks fluent mandarin and English. Ideally based in Shanghai, you have an eye for detail and good mastery of Microsoft Word and Excel. You are a dynamic worker who is not afraid to communicate with large corporate clients when needed.
◆ Sales representatives:
Segreto offers highly competitive commissions for every sale you make. Contact us to discover our compensation packages.
◆Partner up!
If you are interested in selling high quality wine to us, this is what it takes to make the grade•    Any producer is able to submit their wine.Along with some professionals and long-term employees, each panel also has consumer tasters to ensure that selected wines are indeed “consumer-friendly”.
•    All wines are tasted blind.
•    The producer remains a secret, even to the tasters.
•    The main focus will always remain “value for money”.
•    New selections are demand-based; there is no pre-planned schedule and tastings are held when stocks run out.
◆BUY: for enquires click here
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