The range currently consists primarily of single grape reds. Sourced from across Tuscan winelands, these batches are in limited quantities, generally the result of cancelled export orders or simply an excess of great wine too good to waste.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the company called SOGRARO ?

SOGRARO was born from three friends who joined forces to solve a need in the industry. The name reflects our combined surnames: Solamito, Graziani, Romano.

How do we know this is real / high quality wine?

Every wine we offer is certified (DOCG, DOC, etc.)  and its origin is controlled and guaranteed by Italian and European organisms.

How can you guarantee the quality of every bottle of wine?

We blind taste every single bin together with trusted sommeliers, and buy only from reputable Italian producers.

How much do I save on average?

Since the producers often sell us wines that they would struggle to sell at their typical prices due to time constraints (generally due to cancelled export orders), we can often pass on discounts ranging from 25-40% onto our customers.