Three friends, business executives and wine lovers began a “treasure hunt” to discover lesser-known high-quality Italian wineries, that produce some of our favorite hidden gems. Born and raised in in Piedmont (the land of Barolo, Moscato, Barbaresco), Tuscany (Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti…) and the South of France (Cotes de Provence) we took advantage of our wine culture, contacts and expertise to develop an innovative business model enabling to lower market inefficiencies and promote Italian wines abroad. This is how Sograro took off.


Our team is a little obsessed. We hunt for and experiment with new wines with different blends and bouquets every week. We don't just sell wine. What we bring you is Italian quality that might have gone to waste  due to market inefficiencies. We invite you to join us. Have a sip of our wines. See what we mean when we say quality.